Garden Harvest Raw Goat Milk – Double Pack of 16 oz bottle




This is a pack of 2 16oz bottles so 32oz total. Single bottles are $9 each and the double pack is only $14!

Ingredients: Raw Goat Milk, Organic Kale, Organic Sweet Potato, Blackberry Juice, Organic Turmeric, Basil

Goat milk is considered the universal milk that almost all mammals can easily enjoy loaded with enzymes that aid in digestion. Use this natural gift as a way to add excitement and flavor to standard pet food.

Garden Harvest includes organic produce shown to: 

+ increase energy

+boost metabolism

+provide powerful antioxidants

+ be anti-inflammatory

+ support a healthy heart

All milk is sold frozen. Milk can be picked up at Frisky Frog Forest in Olympia, the Shelton Farmers Market on Saturdays, or ships for free along the i-5 in Washington with orders over $30. 


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